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My New Music Loves 
18th-Jun-2007 09:44 pm
I'm currently completely in love with : Summer!

Dusk and Summer - Dashboard Confessional (we're talking summer tune but with a hint of summer sadness "No one is alone, the way you are alone"

Dakota by Sterophonics - God what to say about this track, poppy, feel good "You made me feel like the one". It's a lookback on 'that' summer. You know the one, the summer that made your life.

Skeptics and True Believers - The Academy is "You're selfish, and I'm sorry, when I'm gone you'll be going nowhere fast", the break up song :)

Attention - The Academy is - This is just pure poppy goodness! A real look at me song :)

I wanna have your babies - Natasha Bedingfield - Oh the song of love. It's all about scaring boys with being too full on, wanting to have their babies before that first date. Incredibly catch. "What happens in vegas stays in vegas, but what if it don't, what happens in my head stays in my head, but sometimes it wont". It's all about those words you dont want to fall from your mouth.


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