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New Music Love
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1st-May-2007 07:02 pm - Welcome post
I saw that I have a new member! Yay! Welcome.

But for anyone else casually passing by, I would like to invite you to a community that allows you to tell us all about that awesome song you heard on the radio (even if you were too afraid to admit it to anyone else) and get suggestions for mixes, date-nights, road-trips, etc.

I hope you'll join, the more members, the better I know this community will be.
26th-Mar-2007 10:42 pm(no subject)
Glad you 'all' dug that last track... Here's a track from the new Modest Mouse record that's really got it's pop hooks into me...

25th-Mar-2007 11:01 am(no subject)
I think this is allowed, since you can't really rip it. Right? If not I'll take it down.

Anyway... The Changes released a great little pop/lounge record called 'Today is Tonight' and this is just one of the deep album cuts from that record. I'll probably post the single soon. Dig that guitar solo around the 1:50 mark!

Great idea for a community!

20th-Mar-2007 10:42 pm - Welcome!!
Welcome to newmusiclove!

I hope you will enjoy this community, and get something out of it. My best friend and I used to trade music suggestions, and I always looked forward to our talks about the latest song, or newest indie band.  SO I started this community in the hopes that it will become a larger scale music-swap.

If you have a suggestion for a particularly new artist, let us know what makes them so great and what their sound is like.

 Most of all, I wanted to create a fun community and I hope you'll enjoy it here!

Only a few rules for posting:
-Friends lock any downloadable music posts (If it can't be downloaded, don't worry about friends-lock)
-Tag the entry with the artist's name (so we can find that awesome song later)
-let us know what the artist sounds like (rock, poppy,dance music, etc)
-Be friendly even if you don't like a song suggestion

Most of all!!! Have FUN!!!
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